Website Design


Balance is all about ensuring that your design does not tip to one side or the other. It is like the balance of weight in achieving symmetry or asymmetry.  Keeping your website balanced is key because if content is scattered around with no purpose, it looks terrible.


Grids are a series of horizontal and vertical rulers that help you “compartmentalize” a design. Columns and rows help the visualization of the website.


Every color sends out a message, and it is up to you to get the message right. Pick two or three base colors.  You don’t want to have too many colors, because then it’ll look like a rainbow. Choose an appropriate color for whatever you are making your website for.  ie. A basketball blog page could use colors from your favorite team or just a neutral tone.


Graphics help lively up your website. A plain boring website with no pictures, can work sometimes, but most of the time, no.  Don’t just throw graphics onto the site just because. Poor graphics will drain the real purpose of the website.


Typography is very involved and has so many different aspects. If you stick with the same throughout your website, it’ll connect everything together. While it can be regarded as a branch of design, you can spend years trying to conquer all of its aspects.

White Space

White space, or negative space, has to do with what is not there. Like measure and leading, white space gives text some breathing room and spatial peace. You can make elements stand out by adding white space around them.


Connection involves both unity and consistency.  A website should be thoroughly thought out and have a meaning.  The design should have the same color scheme, fonts, and icons.  The more in-depth a website is, the better it looks.



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