Is Facebook Boring?

Why has Facebook looked almost the same throughout its existence? The blue header has been constant over the years, I guess you could say it’s their trademark. The blue and white F describes Facebook perfectly because they have been so popular. Eduardo Saverin, co-creator of Facebook, owns less than 10% of the company. But his net worth is more than I’ll ever make in my life time. His net worth is approximately $1.1 billion. I guess the creators of Facebook have done something right over the years. Facebook’s design has barely changed over the years. I think this is solely because it has worked and constantly brings in revenue.

Website designs shouldn’t change drastically because it could cause users to be unhappy and be lost. The Facebook design was pulled and then modified into the current version. The current version is more of a compromise. It has two sidebars to the experimental version’s one; its pictures are significantly smaller; and the search bar and other navigational tools (like the link to your profile) are much more prominent. Overall the current version is busier and less magazine-like than the experimental version. Either way, it’s a revealing look inside the design debate at Facebook. Facebook sees itself as needing to optimize its service for the lower-end, almost as if the social network were a utility (like Google Search) rather than a non-essential service (like, say, Netflix, which also won’t work well on low-end machines). Facebook values–or at least wants to be seen as valuing–access to everyone, over giving an optimal Facebook to the few.
Facebook Chat is on the right side and allows users to communicate to their friends instantly through a chat. Facebook has also now used video chat. Now you can video chat instantly to your friends through the Facebook page. Facebook will forever be popular.



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