Court Storming No More?

A postgame brawl broke out last night after Utah Valley State beat New Mexico State in a late game last night. The question of court storming is brought up again after this incident last night. But should there really be a ban on such a long-lived tradition? I don’t think so.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when K.C. Ross-Miller of New Mexico State threw the ball at Utah Valley’s Holton Hunsaker. The fans were already storming the court, but at that time, tempers flared, and all hell broke lose. I would say this wasn’t as bad as the brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills in 2004. But in a way, it relates because fans are involved with the athletes. Just two weeks ago, Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart pushed a fan in the middle of the game. Violence in sports should stick to wrestling, not basketball.

In a podcast by Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg, they discussed exactly what happened, and what can be done about court storming. They talk about how people have no fear in the world. A student from the fans even threw a punch at a player. This is scary. What if one of them had a knife? But I don’t care, a court storming is supposed to be a celebration of a win! Not a fight.

In relation to last weeks blogs, this video has gone viral. It’s all over ESPN and the internet. It’s mainly because this really is a big deal. Andy Katz said in his podcast, that the student who threw the punch should get suspended from the University. He could be charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony. The fact that this happened at a smaller, WAC conference school, and it’s getting this much publicity, is crazy. But right. Brawls aren’t acceptable anywhere.
Five years after Ron Artest’s brawl incident, he said in an interview, “If anybody can take the heat, let it be me, ’cause I’m strong enough to take heat like that.” He pretty much just said that he took responsibility for his actions, actions he shouldn’t have done.