And the award goes to…

The NBA team who made the best trade, the best pick up, or the best buyout goes to…

Indiana got Evan Turner.

Clippers got Danny Granger from a buyout with the 76ers.

Lakers got Kent Bazemore.

Warriors got Steve Blake to back up Stephen Curry.

Kings got rid of Jimmer Freddete (who signed with the Bulls).

Knicks have signed a number of free agents after buying out the contracts of Mette World Peace and Beno Udrih.

Nuggets got Jan Vesely, we’ll talk about that soon.

The standings all around the league are very up in the air.

And in my eyes, the biggest winners are the Wizards. We got Andre Miller and Drew Gooden. Two amazing pick ups to go along side Otto Porter Jr. and Al Harrington who are coming back from injury.  I’m so excited for the last quarter of the season because if the Wizards keep up the play they are on now, we could very much be seeing the 3rd seed of the Eastern Conference.

But could the biggest deal be the trading of Jan Vesely. I mean, when he was playing for the Wizards, I was a big fan of his play. But now that he’s on the Nuggets and I was this GIF from “The Big Lead” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Wide open– Pump fake, Jab step, Fade away… BRICK

I’m not the only one who’s laughing at this. I’m sure Jan is laughing at himself still from this. But let’s be real, he was a bust. Drafted 6th overall by the Wizards in the 2011 draft. If we look back at the players drafted after him, we could have started this turn around earlier.  A few names are Klay Thompson, the Morris twins, Kawhi Leonard, NIKOLA VUCEVIC, KENNETH FARIED, Jimmy Butler, Chandler Parsons (my favorite on this list)… The list goes on and on, but if we hadn’t wasted a pick, we might not be where we are today. But wow, think about a Wizards team today with any one of those players I just listed. I think the Wizards came out on top over these past couple days and our playoff picture looks bright.



How to go Viral… Put an NBA Athlete in your TV Commercial.

Why are big named NBA athletes always seen in commercials?
The fact that you have seen so many commercials and life-size cut outs of players, shows that brands want a good face to their product.
I can name a few off my head that will forever stick with me.
Blake Griffin endorses Kia Motors. LeBron James is in so many different commercials for Samsung, Nike, and McDonalds. Kevin Durant endorses Foot Locker and Nike. James Harden and Anthony Davis are in Foot Locker’s new funny commercial– Talk about viral- More than 3 million views in two weeks. Kobe Bryant has been seen in numerous Nike commercials.

Why do these players endorse these brands during the season? And how do they get to be so popular?

When these commercials are first aired, they go viral. If they are humorous or just very good, they will become very popular in little time.
What I got out of chapter 8 from David Meerman Scott’s book New Rules of Marketing and PR is that you need a certain something for your product to stand out. And that’s what these brands did by having well-known NBA players endorse their products. I know for a fact that I’ve talked about certain commercials Blake Griffin or LeBron James have been in. That’s because I remembered them.

They stuck in my head.

I really do enjoy seeing familiar faces on commercials. It creates a bond, and makes me think of the certain product. For example, whenever I drive past a Kia, I look to see if Blake Griffin is driving… Don’t laugh at me.
Even though Shaquille O’Neal is retired from the game, he still has a spot on TV. Gold Bond has have Shaq endorse their product with corny, yet informative commercials.

All of these commercials have gone viral at some point and have done what companies what… Be known. Whether or not the player actually uses the product they are endorsing, its still very personal for well-known athletes to be on a commercial while they are playing in a game. Just my thought on commercials and them going viral.