Jason Collins

Is his coming out really a big deal? In my eyes, no. In society’s eyes, yes. I think it takes great strength and courage for what he has done, and I applaud him for it. This blog will be all about Jason Collins, and my point of view while listening to this podcast. A podcast is an audio or video segment of media that is available via the internet for your convenience. Collins is a 35 year-old NBA veteran who is seeing his first action this season with the Brooklyn Nets since coming out to be the first homosexual male in the four major professional sports.  He signed a 10-day contract with the team on February 23rd. He’s a 7-foot center out of Standard who has played for 6 previous teams since being drafted 18th overall in the 2001 draft, coincidentally by the New Jersey Nets. His size alone is intimidating, and he is a force on the inside.

In the podcast, Kevin Arnovitz and Jordan Heimer discuss the immediate and long-term implications of Jason Collins’ coming out. They highlight what he’s gone through, and the challenges he’s faced.

In the Social Media Bible, it says that podcasters find the easiest way to sound natural is to have more than one person speaking. Arnovitz and Heimer are having a discussion about Collins. They are paid analysts who are expressing their opinion. That’s exactly what a podcast is. I think of a podcast as an opinion-based radio or TV show that we can listen to on our own.

Back to Collins, his jersey was put on the NBA Store website and has been the top selling jersey since. This is a great way to show support for Collins. Collins is wearing the number 98 this season as a tribute to the 1998 torture and murder of Matthew Shepard. The article is here.

During my research of this topic, I have found numerous of podcasts on Collins or podcasts that have included his story. The Nets are currently in the 7th spot in the East, and as a surge to the top, they are in talks of signing Collins until the end of the season.