Did you know? Kevin Durant graduated high school from Montrose Christian. That’s right outside of Washington D.C. He grew up in the area and had an incredible growth spurt going into his senior year of high school.  I almost had a chance to actually play with him a couple years ago. I was playing for my junior college, CSM, and we had open gyms every week. Anyone could come and play and practice their game. The one night I decided not to go, Kevin Durant showed up. I was so jealous! Ever since then, KD has been one of my favorite top-elite players. I’m a LeBron James hater, but he’s grown on me… A little.

Kevin Durant has proven to the league you don’t need big huge Kris Humphries muscles. The nickname I’ve heard him be called recently is The Slim Reaper. This is such a great name because he is a 4th quarter killer. He murders the defense. No one can stop him. The 6’11” power forward is so adaptable, he can play almost any position. This has given him an unheard of advantage against any player. His length, speed, and quickness allow him to shoot from distance. If you put a shorter, quicker player on him, he’s will post you up and shoot over them. If you put a taller, bigger player on him, he’ll pull up or drive right past them. This advantage has given KD the front runner spot for the MVP race this season. In the month of January alone, his stats are unheard of. He averaged 35.9 points and shot 54.9% from the field in 16 games. If you ask me, that’s pretty good! Not only are his statistics MVP worthy, his team has the best record in the NBA at 43-12. The Oklahoma City Thunder are a team to be reckon with come the second half of the season. His “thunder buddy for life” Russell Westbrook has been injured and will be coming back soon. The NBA playoffs should be very interesting this year.