Hello Melo

Where will Carmelo Anthony play next season? This blog will talk about where the All-Star power forward will play his 13th season in the NBA.  His talents speak for themselves with the stats he has put up.  There are plenty of teams that will be shopping for Melo at the season’s end.

Did you know that Melo grew up around Baltimore. He went to Towson Catholic High School. He then transferred to Oak Hill where he won numerous games and MVP honors. He played against LeBron James when he was in high school at St. Vicent St. Mary’s.

He played one year at Syracuse where he averaged 22 and 10. He played seven and a half seasons in Denver before getting traded mid-season to the Knicks.

An up and mostly down season has led Melo to question his future. He is at risk for missing the post season for the first time in his NBA career.

Melo could join the likes of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah in Chicago. This could be an extremely dominant 3 man team. I would not what that to happen.

Melo could be bribed by money and join Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles. I don’t think this is likely. Melo is a scorer, and so is Kobe. But their friendship is very strong and anything is possible.

Melo could maybe try and come back home and play for the Wizards. Personally, I wouldn’t like that mostly because the chemistry that the Wizards have right now.

Even though he’s said he’s definitely going to resign with the Knicks, that was a couple weeks ago. I think he will do this, because who wouldn’t want to play in Madison Square Garden every home game? And it’s all about the money, right?

With the talents Carmelo possesses, his skills can and ultimately will make any team better. I’m very eager to see what he does at the end of this season.  The summer of 2015 has a lot more hype behind it. More big name players will be free agents. A blog is to follow soon.



All-Star Weekend Came and Went… Now What?

All-Star Weekend has come and gone, and on Tuesday, the second half of the NBA season began.  Twitter played a big role in the outcome of MVP votes.

On Friday night, we were reminded that the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan can play some basketball. He was awarded the MVP of the Celebrity All-Star game.  Andre Drummand, of the Pistons, set the record for most rebounds in the Rising Stars Game. He pulled in the MVP for that game with 30 points and 25 rebounds.  Fans used Social Media specifically Twitter, to vote for the MVP.

Saturday night, the Wizards’ Bradley Beal finished second place in the Three-Point Contest. His teammate, John Wall, won the Slam Dunk Contest… Like I predicted (see previous blog).  He was voted by the fans via Twitter. He was the last player to dunk, but the “speed and agility” of the voters “won the moment” for Wall, according to The New Rules of Marketing & PR book by David Meerman Scott.

The All-Star Game on Sunday ended as the highest scoring all-star game in history.  Kyrie Irving, of the Cleveland Cavaliers, brought in the MVP.  But does this mean the Cavaliers are on the road to improvement? Since firing their GM, Chris Grant, on February 6th, the Cavs are 5-0. The Cavs are trying to get their record above .500 so they have a better chance of making the playoffs.

The Lakers, well, lets just say being 17 games under .500, and their stars always hurt, it might be hard to make a push. The only thing the Lakers can look forward to is their 1st round draft pick that they cannot trade.

Speaking of trades, the trade deadline is on Thursday and there are a number of rumors out there. Will Rajon Rondo get traded? Will the Knicks get a point guard? Will the bottom feeders, Bucks and 76ers, make any moves to try and salvage their season?

The All-Star Weekend was fun, but now that the season has resumed, teams are going to make a push for the playoffs.  Because at the end of the day, the farther teams go, the more money players get paid. And at the end of the day, it’s all about money.