10 To Go

How does a team lose to the Kings and Nuggets but come out and pick apart the best team in the Eastern Conference? Questions like this have come up throughout the season for the Washington Wizards. But nonetheless, the Wizards are currently in the 6th spot in the playoff race with a 1.5 game buffer between the two teams surrounding them.

I think the 6th seed is perfect for them. They will have a favorable match up against the Toronto Raptors if the season ended today. Then if they win, they’ll most likely play against the Heat. A team the Wizards can beat.

I watched the game on a livecast last night from my computer. I didn’t get the channel the game was broadcasting on, so I turned to my laptop to watch my team win. A livecast, also called video broadcasting, is a continual broadcast of events through digital media. I got to watch the game through the internet with little to no problems.

The Wizards have 10 games remaining. Half of the games are against teams currently making the playoffs. If the Wizards can go 7-3 during this span, I can see us going into the playoffs with a strong surge and a lot of confidence.

Maybe a video blog could be in the future if the Wizards go far into the playoffs. A vlog is exactly what it sounds like, a blog that you record with a camera. When the Wizards make the playoffs, I plan on going to at least one game with my friend. If GoPro or Google Glass would like to sponsor me, I would gladly record everything I see and do for my fans here on my blog. The Wizards have such a high ceiling, and I’m hoping we make it past the first round. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to watch the game live, in-person, and not behind my computer. Go Wizards!